Shaw 360 Remote Viewing

Shaw Security delivers an innovative solution to crime prevention, ensuring a fast and timely law enforcement and security response to suspicious activity.

Introducing Shaw 360!

Shaw 360 provides 24-Hour real-time monitoring by our dispatchers in our Client Support Center.

By utilizing this technology, the professionals at Shaw Security are able to provide the opportunity for security or law enforcement officers to be dispatched to respond to your location and stop an issue as it is happening, not after the fact.

Our method reduces the cost of securing your location while also minimizing the financial burden of safeguarding your valuable assets. Shaw 360 integrates with your existing camera/CCTV solution and costs much less than a traditional security officer.

Let’s address some frequently asked questions about remote viewing security services.

How does remote viewing security work?

We connect with the client’s camera system and view the cameras on the specified days/times the client has requested. If we notice suspicious activity or activity that is out of the norm, we will either dispatch our patrol officers or local law enforcement (depending on the severity of incident or the parameters that the client has set forth regarding an incident).

Does a security professional have to be on site while utilizing Shaw 360?

No. Since we are connected with your camera system remotely a physical security presence is not required. This is a financial benefit to the client.

What kind of reporting can our business expect when on the Shaw 360 plan?

Depending on the incident and the severity, we can dispatch our patrol officers or local law enforcement. We also have a digital reporting system that we complete with details of the incident (date, time, details of incident).  These reports are sent to us and also the client.